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Health Benefits of Fennel (Saunf) Water and Its Recipe

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Fennel, which most people use as a mouth refresher after a meal, is one of the most significant spices in our cuisine and has a wide range of medicinal benefits.

However, you are mistaken if you believe that fennel is only used to enhance the flavour of food. These tiny fennel seeds are also useful to our health in a variety of ways and can help us avoid a variety of issues. Fennel can be used to treat a variety of ailments, including colic and conjunctivitis. Not only that, but fennel is also used to boost stamina, and moms who breastfeed their newborns use it to boost breast milk supply.

Fennel water herbal tea saunf ka paani

However, consuming fennel water rather than just chewing raw fennel can be more helpful for you because the number of nutrients in fennel water is higher. Fennel water, in particular, is a miracle worker when it comes to weight loss, indigestion, acidity, gas in the stomach, nausea and vomiting, and period pains. So, in this post, we'll explain how fennel water is made, what the benefits of drinking fennel water are, and whether or not drinking fennel water has any drawbacks.

How to make Fennel Water

Fennel water herbal tea saunf ka paani

Saunf Fennel water can be made in two ways:

The first method is to soak it overnight.

Preparation method: 1 teaspoon fennel, 1 glass water, Soak it overnight.

When you first wake up in the morning, drink this fennel water on an empty stomach. If desired, consume it after filtering the water and chewing and eating the fennel.

Fennel can also be cooked in boiling water.

Preparation method: 1 litre of water, 2 tsp fennel seeds

When you cook fennel, the majority of its nutrients are lost. So you put 1 litre of water in a pan to boil, then turn off the heat, add 2 spoons of fennel, and keep the pan covered for 10 minutes. Fennel water will seem bright yellow in colour after some time.

This fennel water can be consumed two to three times each day.

Drinking fennel water has health benefits

Fennel water is a diuretic, which means it helps to cleanse the body from the inside out by increasing urination and eliminating impurities. Apart from that, fennel water reduces flatulence, boosts metabolism, speeds up digestion, and regulates appetite.

Apart from that, there are numerous other advantages to drinking fennel water:

Weight loss benefits of drinking fennel water

When you soak fennel seeds in water overnight, the number of nutrients in the seeds rises, and when you drink this water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, it can help you lose weight. Fennel helps the digestive system by being high in fiber. Drinking fennel water offers you a feeling of fullness and contentment.

Fennel water improves nutrition absorption and promotes metabolism, allowing your body to burn more fat and reduce fat storage. As previously said, fennel water is a diuretic, which means that drinking it increases the flow of urine and aids in the removal of toxins from the body, resulting in weight reduction.

Fennel not only adds taste to your food, but it also helps you feel full. When fennel water is drank before meals, the person feels less hungry and eats fewer calories. The primary component of fennel, anethole, is thought to be responsible for appetite suppression or reduction. When you are less hungry, you will eat less food, and as a result, your weight will naturally drop.

Drinking fennel water can help you avoid cramps during your period.

Severe pain and cramping during menstruation is a frequent concern for most girls and women. When the pain becomes unbearable, individuals may resort to over-the-counter medications to relieve it. However, between 10 to 20% of women do not get any alleviation from their discomfort or cramps even after taking these medications. Fennel water can be really beneficial in such situations.

Fennel water inhibits uterine contractions, which cause pain in women during their periods. Fennel water also includes estrogen, which relieves pain and cramps, shortens the menstrual cycle, and eliminates the problem of period vomiting and nausea.

Fennel water has indigestion-relieving properties.

If you have a digestive problem, especially indigestion, flatulence, or hyperacidity, you should be sure to utilize fennel as a grandmother's suggestion. Fennel, which is high in medicinal characteristics, soothes the digestive system and inhibits the creation of gas and acid in the stomach. Fennel has a cooling effect, and when soaked in water overnight, it cools the stomach and aids in the relief of indigestion and other stomach disorders.

Fennel water benefits for nausea relief during pregnancy -

Fennel water can also be consumed by pregnant women. Fennel, which has historically been used to treat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, can also assist to alleviate the problem (morning sickness). Fennel water aids in the development of hunger during the first trimester of pregnancy, which eliminates the problem of gas and heartburn. Fennel water also relieves gas, which is another frequent pregnant ailment. However, before introducing fennel or fennel water in your pregnancy diet, talk to your doctor or dietician about how much fennel water to consume.

Fennel water can help you keep your blood sugar in check.

Fennel water has been shown to help with blood sugar regulation. A study in Bangladesh discovered that when rats were given menthol-rich fennel seed water, their blood sugar levels were lower than when they were given normal anti-hyperglycemic medicines at a specified dose level.

As previously stated, fennel water diuretic or diuretic, as well as the fiber, is contained in significant numbers, causing it to expel toxins and impurities that accumulate in the body clean from within the body to assist does. Drinking fennel water purifies your blood in this way.

Thank you for reading !

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