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How To: Check if Turmeric Powder is Pure

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Turmeric powder is an essential ingredient in Indian Food. It adds a bright colour to your food. Apart from being a natural colour, Turmeric powder also has numerous health benefits.

There are lots of Indian brands selling Turmeric Powder but I am always skeptical of buying any brand for Turmeric Powder as it is easy to mix impurities in Turmeric Powder. An impure turmeric powder might not look and feel different to a normal consumer. Consuming impure turmeric can lead to numerous health hazards and might not be good for your family’s health. Today we will explore how to check if your purchased turmeric is pure.

We will look into tests which you can easily do at home and it can give you a quick idea whether your turmeric powder is pure or not.

Color Test

Different color of turmeric with distinct quality

You can carefully look at turmeric and check its physical and visual appearance. I know just looking at Turmeric and checking for it’s color can be tricky sometimes that’s why we always recommend to buy your Turmeric from a trusted seller or brand. To

check your Turmeric’s colour place your Turmeric on a flat-surface and make sure there is adequate lighting. Pure Turmeric will have Fluorescent deep orange to bright yellow. If your Turmeric is of lighter or dull yellow in shade chances are it’s is of pure quality.

The Palm Test

You can check authenticity of Turmeric by its texture. To do that Palm Test simply place put some Turmeric in your left palm and use right hand’s fingers to rub it in a pinch. Pure Turmeric should leave yellowish stain on your fingers. Furthermore, rotate your left-hand to drop the Turmeric from your palm, if you find some Turmeric Powder stuck to your hand – Good news your Turmeric is Pure. If you turmeric shows no stain on your fingers or does not stick to your palm, it’s highly likely that Turmeric is mixed with chalk powder.

The Smell Test

You might need a dog for this test, just kidding human-nose will do fine here. Good Turmeric Powder will have a distinct, but mild, earthy. Turmeric users will immediately recognize a gingery and orangey scent in it.

If your Turmeric is mixed with impurities it might not have those natural aroma. Your Turmeric might be mixed with Talc Powder or some other substance.

Water Test: Test for Foreign Ingredients

Difference between pure and adulterated

At home, mix a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass tumbler filled with lukewarm water. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes. If your turmeric is genuine it will settle at the bottom of the water, leaving the water clear.

If it has Foreign ingredients you can spot them floating around.

Above were some home-test that can help you to identify if you are turmeric is authentic or not.

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