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Most used Spices in cooking.

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Box of spices

A circular spice box you find in every Indian house. In every spice box, there you find 7-10 basic spices which are mostly used spices in Indian cooking. Some of which are whole spices like cumin and mustard seeds, some in powder forms like the red chilli and turmeric, and one spice blend which is the quintessential garam masala.

Cumin (jeera)

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Cumin can be utilised both as the entire seed or ground. Cumin seed

profits by toasting before use to bring out its sweet-smelling, nutty flavour. Cumin is a staple fixing in most curry powders and many flavour mixes. It’s saved fundamentally for appetising plans, similar to bean stew, stews, meat, fish, and vegetables. That’s why it is most used Indian Spice.

Mustard Seed(rai)

mustard seed -premium quality,natural taste,free from impurities,ready to use

In many Indian dishes they are utilised as to a greater

extent a flavou

ring than a base flavour – they truly liven up a lentil or rice dish when sung in a little oil with curry leaves (a match made in paradise). Therefore, mustard seeds are extraordinary for smart dieting, when you need to include flavour without including fat. That’s why it is most used Indian Spice.

Turmeric Powder(Haldi)

Turmeric Powder -premium quality,natural taste,free from impurities,ready to use

In India turmeric is always added at the beginning of the cooking process and sautéed with other aromatics such as onions, ginger, and garlic. This allows the release of cur-cumin, which is fat-soluble. Another popular use for turmeric in cooking is golden milk. C

onsidered an anti-inflammatory elixir, this drink is used to treat everything from colds to arthritis. That’s why it is most used Indian Spice & a herb.

Red-chili powder

There are many kinds of red-chilli powder using in Indian cuisines, like Kashmiri, Sanam, Resham Patti, etc. every red-chilli powder has its own specialty like Kashmiri red-chilli powder has good and natural colour and its good for your stomach also.although the Resham Patti red-chilli powder is natural and spicy. That’s why it is almost used in every Indian dishes.

Coriander seed (dhania)

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While the fresh leaves are commonly topped on most dishes, the seeds and a

ground powder (masala) are also used in cooking. The leaves are often used raw and added to the dish just before serving as heat tends to lessen its flavour rapidly.

Sesame Seed (til)

sesame-seed-premium quality,natural taste,free from impurities,ready to use

Both light and toasted sesame oil are used in South Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine for adding flavour to sautéing, stir-frying, and season

ing everything from rice to salads. Although small, sesame seeds are packed with nutrients such as healthy fats, protein, calcium, antioxidants, and dietary fiber.


Cardamom is used to spice both sweet and savoury dishes. It is widely employ

ed in Indian, Middle Eastern, Arabic, and Swedish cuisine. It comes in two types and is used as whole pods, seeds, or ground(green&black).Green is the more typical assortment, utilised for everything from flavour blends to lassis to Indian treats. The flavour is light and sweet, with a mellow eucalyptus note. Green cardamom can be mixed entire when making flavour blends, like garam masala, anyway when utilising them in desserts or pastries, you would bust open the case and daintily smash the fragrant dark seeds before utilising them.


Clove is a common spice in Indian cooking and its anise notes are easily recognisable in much Indian preparation. cloves added to barbecue rubs or sauces added a very nice depth of flavour.” Cloves are actually dried flower buds, and they add a deep, s

weet aroma to dishes. They can be used whole or ground, but one thing remains constant: The taste is strong, so use them sparingly. They have warming, sweet and spicy taste that may just as well be suited to a curry, marinade, or stew, as to milk puddings, apple pie, or mulled wine.


Asafoetida, also known as asafoetida and hing, is a staple ingredient in Indian cooking and most commonly used in vegetarian recipes. Its pungent smel

l can make this powder seem off-putting, but rest assured it dissipates while cooking, bringing a full, savoury flavour to foods.

Black Pepper

Use black pepper as an ingredient in recipes to add flavour and spice to m

eats, fish, vegetables, salad dressings, soups, stir-fries, pasta, and more. You can also add a dash of black pepper to scrambled eggs, avocado toast, fruit, and dipping sauces for a spicy kick. Black pepper induces sweating, which consequently cools down the body and relieves feverish symptoms. Use to flavour dips, salsas, and cold sauces.

Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek seeds are one of the staple flavours utilised in Indian cooki

ng, with a sweet, nutty flavour suggestive of maple syrup and consumed sugar. It tends to be extraordinarily severe when eaten crude, yet when cooked and joined with aromatics and flavours, it changes and gives pleasantness and profundity of flavour to saucy dishes.

Carom Seed

carom seed -premium quality,natural taste,free from impurities,ready to use

Carom seeds are used as a spice to increase the flavour of the recipe, but becau

se of its dominating aroma, it is used in very small quantities. Carom seeds are used for tempering sabzis and curries. Carom seeds are used in parathas, puris, pakodas, chilla (lentil pancakes), and fried Indian snacks.

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