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Immunity Booster Combo 80 Gm (Pack of 6)

Immunity Booster Combo 80 Gm (Pack of 6)

SKU: js-immunity-combo
  • This combo contains packs of 80gram (80g x 6packs = 480g)
  •'s turmeric powder has high curcumin content and is free from impurities.
  •'s black pepper has a really spicy natural taste which will help you clear your throat problems.
  • Justspices.ins carom seed has a distinct aroma and taste which can be used in kadha or can be used in steam.;'s clove is of superior quality that has ultimate taste and aroma, that will lighten up your senses.
  • Package Content: 80 Gm of cinnamon (Kalmi Taj), 80 gm of black pepper (kali mirch), 80 gm of clove (laung), 80 gm of turmeric (haldi), 80 gm of ginger powder (sounth), 80 gm of carom seed (ajwain); Shelf Life: 365 Days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Quantity: 80 Gm cinnamon (kalmi taj), 80 Gm black pepper (kali mirch), 80 Gm clove (laung), 80 Gm turmeric (haldi), 80 Gm ginger powder (sounth), 80 Gm carom seed (ajwain)
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