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Premium Small Mustard Seed (Rai)

Premium Small Mustard Seed (Rai)

PriceFrom ₹60.00

Small Mustard Seed is one of the oldest spices being used for centuries. Mustard seed is also used to manufacture the very popular mustard oil, widely used in the food industry. These seeds are an important ingredient in many regional cuisines. This Seed is small in size also known as Rai mainly used to fry in Gujarati Dishes. Sometime also know as Khamani rai.

  • Health Benefits

    Mustard Seed gives protection against asthma, heart attacks, and some cancers. it is also helpful for the human body such as speeds up your metabolism, stimulates and aids digestion inhibits cancer cell growth, decreases symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and lowers high blood pressure.

  • Place of Origin,

    Mustard Seeds have been used since ancient times by the Romans and they are thought to be the type of mustard seeds mentioned in the Bible.

  • Recipe Usage

    Indian-Style Mustard Greens, Sarson Ka Saag (Indian Mustard Greens), Mustard Greens ‘n Beans.

  • Use

    Mustard Seed is used to make medicine. Black mustard oil is used for the common cold, painful joints and muscles, and arthritis. Mustard seed is used for causing vomiting, relieving water retention (edema) by increasing urine production and increasing appetite.

  • Storage tips

    Stored in cool, dry and humid free conditions.

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