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Winners Consider All These Factors Before Making Commitments

Since they want the largest possible edge, they wait and wait and wait. They prefer to attack when they have the right combination of a soft game, a weak player, superior cards, and good position

Most players don’t have the patience and discipline to wait for the best moment. Some are so indecisive that they are afraid to attack, and they die a slow death by letting the aggressive players determine when and where they fight. Others yield to their ego or desire for action and fight battles they can’t win. To be a winner, you have to master your fears, your gambling impulses, and your ego, wait until you have the best of it, and then attack hard to make the most of it.

Winners’ Laws

Selective aggression should be the foundation of your own strategy. Select or create situations that give you an edge and then attack ferociously. You need extreme objectivity, discipline, and decisiveness to follow these Winners’ Laws.


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