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Bajra-Methi Missi Roti Recipe

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About the Recipe

An Indian meal is never complete without the addition of an Indian bread along with a dish. This recipe of Bajra-Methi Missi Roti is specifically recommended for diabetics, curated by Ms. Priyam Naik. It is made with a combination of two flours that ensures a wholesome meal, with a whole lot of nutrients. Bajra or pearl millet apart from being a very good source of protein, has a low glycemic index and low on carbs along with a high fibre content which when mixed with methi leaves, further increases the fibre content of the recipe. Methi has an equal role to play in this recipe as it is highly beneficial for diabetics to control blood sugar levels. It also has a good content of vitamins and minerals along with low fat curd which makes this recipe a nutritious and tasty treat for all the diabetics.


Bajra flour|Coriander leaves|Fenugreek leaves|Garlic cloves|Green chilli|Haldi powder|Low fat curd|Low fat paneer|Red chilli powder|to taste salt|Wheat flour


a:1:{i:0;a:2:{s:12:"instructions";a:3:{i:0;a:2:{s:4:"text";s:84:"Combine all the ingredients and knead into firm dough with required amount of water.";s:5:"image";i:0;}i:1;a:2:{s:4:"text";s:96:"Divide into five portions. Roll out into thin rotis and roast on a tawa till they are well done.";s:5:"image";i:0;}i:2;a:2:{s:4:"text";s:29:"Serve hot with green chutney.";s:5:"image";i:0;}}s:4:"name";s:0:"";}}
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