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Ching’s hakka noodles!! 🍝

Prep Time:


Cook Time:




About the Recipe


grated garlic| soy sauce| spring onions chopped|1 package or 4 cups already boiled noodles-|assorted veggies (carrot,capsicum (yellow ,red),beans)|Cooking oil|french beans chopped|Freshly grounded black pepper or ½ teaspoon black pepper powder|ginger grated|methi|mushroom|Salt to taste



 Once the noodles are cooked as per the directions on the package , drain them and run it immediately under cold water for it to stop cooking further.


 Coat it with 1 tablespoon oil , some salt , soy sauce, pepper and red pepper. Keep them aside.


 In a non stick pan or a wok , heat up remaining oil on medium high heat. Once hot , add in ginger garlic paste , cook for 10 seconds. Then add in the carrots , cook for a minute, add in the colorful peppers, cook for 30 seconds .


 Now add mushrooms and the onions, and sprinkle some salt. Cook the veggies for 30 seconds . Now toss in the coated noodles and coat with the veggies carefully. Switch off the flame. Taste test and serve ho

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