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Dhania Panjiri

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About the Recipe

<p>Dhania Panjiri Is a very well known Prasad taken on the day of Janmastami. Usually it contains flour so It is used as the first intake to break the Fast. You can enjoy this deliciously healthy snack anytime, Its easy.</p>


Almond (Badam)|Cashew (Kaju)|Chironji (Cuddapah almond)|Coriander Powder (Dhania Powder)|Desi Ghee (Purified Butter)|Dry Coconut (Nariyal Bura)|Gond Stone(Gum)|Grounded Sugar|Makhana (Fox Nuts)



In a pan take ghee and let it heat on medium flame.


Once the ghee is hot enough add Gond Pieces. Once the gond pieces are fully expanded you can consider them done and strain it out of the hot ghee

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Use the previously heated ghee and add ground coriander till it smells good. Some people take whole coriander and fry it first and then grind it finely, but I find it easier and better to grind coriander or you can just get our premium and natural coriander powder from


Cut the Makhana(Fox Nuts) into four pieces and add the remaining Ghee and fry it in Ghee and take it out. Coarsely grind the roasted Makhana(Fox Nuts) with a rolling pin or anything heavy.


Cut cashews and almonds into small pieces. and add it to the pan.


Make a pan by adding roasted coriander powder, coarse makhane, grated coconut, south and black pepper powder, dry fruits.


When the Panjiri is cool add sugar according to taste.


Your Panjiri Is ready to be served..!!

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