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Lal Maans

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About the Recipe

<p>Laal maans is a mutton curry from Rajasthan. Itis prepared in a sauce of curd &amp; mathania chillies. </p>


Bay leaf|clove|Coriander Powder|curd|dal-chini|elaichi|Garlic cloves|javetri|jeera|meat-masala|mustard oil|mutton|mutton keema|olive-oil|onion diced|Onions|Peppercorns|red chili|red chili powder|salt|Turmeric Powder



Heat oil, add jeera, garlic , whole spices and onions. Cook till onions are soft and slightly brownish in color.


Now add mutton keema & cook it for 10 minutes until it changes its color sli


Post that add your marinated mutton , salt & let it get cooked on slow flame for atleast half an hour or till mutton starts to release its juices.


Make paste of red chillies & add in the mutton. let it get cooked for few minutes before you add the curd paste.


let the mutton get cooked on slow flame till all oil starts to separate. This should again take like half hour.


(Add slight water of needed so that the masalas don't burn)Add water as per the curry consistency required.


Put the lid on the vessel & put tava on bottom so that it does not burn and let it get cooked on dum for atleast an hour.


It's done!


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