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Is your Red-chili powder pure? Here four simple ways to find out

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The red-chili powder is an essential ingredient in Indian food. It adds a bright color to your food. Apart from being a natural color, Red-chili also has numerous health benefits.

Have you ever wonder how all spices that you are using? Is it full of adulterated, or is it full of pure?

Purity becoming a just word in the present era, merchants are only focusing on their profit and make all spices adulterated by adding artificial color for enhancing product color, other chemicals mix powder and so on, even they are doing injected animals for getting a high amount of product, which are very harmful to human health.

All of it, Red-chili that you are using at home may be adulterated with some chemicals. it may not be safe for you. Due to which, you should find these sort of adulterated that improves the color as well as taste by artificial method

Here are simple methods you can do at home that catch harmful chemicals from your red-chili powder.

Little bit important highlights about which type of artificial substance included red-chili powder

  1. Brick and salt powder are the main harmful ingredients adulterated in red-chili.

  2. It may be mixed with artificial colors.

  3. The starch powder is being added in red chili powder in bulk quantity.

How does adulterated red chili powder affect us?

We all know that every chemical or artificial color are very harmful and lead to humankind toward such type of disease that kills the human-like cancer.

Many other disease have been done by eating adulterated red chili powder like poisoning, blurred vision, nausea, digestive disorders, and many other serious diseases.

Four Easy Taste For Checking Your Red-Chili Is Pure or adulterated

Colour Taste

Some times artificial color like essence are added into red chili to enhance the color and taste of it. if you sprinkle the red chili powder over the glass water and if the color will streak. the red chili powder could be adulterated.

Water Taste

As per research data, pure red chili powder does not dissolve in water. For checking, take three spoons red chili to instill into the water and do wait around 1 to 2 minutes if water will change its color then your red chili is not pure and moreover if you

can see residue on the bottom surface of the glass, it does imply the presence of soapstone

so it might be dangerous for your health.

Checking for brick powder

Mixing brick powder in red-chilli powder is a common practice by many manufacturers to increase the weight of the product and eventually bring the cost down. Fortunately, you can easily test if your chilli-powder has brick powder in it.

Scrape little bit of red chilli powder on the surface, if you feel grittiness then there are high chances that it has contents of brick powder or sand in it.

How to detect presence of Starch in red chilli powder

Mixing of Starch Powder in red-chilli is a common practice. We will have to use basic chemistry that we learned in high-school. If you want to check presence of Starch in your red-chilli powder you can simply add few drops of iodine and if it turns bluish in colour then we have some bad news for you. The Red-chilli powder is adulterated.

Presence of Starch in your food will lead to many stomach problems which you should avoid by buying premium and high-quality red-chilli powder

How do we ensure we buy pure and authentic red chili powder from market.

  1. Purchase red-chilli powder from a trusted brand only.

  2. Go through information on package and what ingredients the packet hold. Does the company manufacturing has proper FSSAI licence to sell food products.


FAQs to check Red chili powder pure and authenticate

Where does Red chilli powder comes from?

Genetic name of ground chilli pepper, which can be labeled by spice manufacturers as ground red pepper or red chilli powder. Red chilli powder is a mixture of red pepper and other herbs.

Which red chill is spicy?

Jwala: This is the most popular red chill of the west. It is produced in Kheda, Mehsana and various southern parts of Gujarat. It’s highly pungent, light red colored chill widely used in various cuisines of the state.

What is the adulterated red chilli powder color?

Red chilli powder may be mixed with artificial colors to give it the bright hue. Sprinkle some chill powder over a glass of water. It you notice a colored streak; your red chill powder could be adulterated. In most cases, water-soluble coal-tar color is added to red chilli powder.


Is red chilli good for health?

Maintains blood pressure: Thanks to its high potassium content that helps in soothing blood vessels and regulates blood pressure. Burns calories: A compound called capsaicin in red chilli increases the body’s metabolism rate that directly burns down calories.

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